H55 Production facilities in Switzerland and Canada

Battery Module Automated Dual Assembly Line

H55 runs automated, dual-production lines to manufacture battery packs for certified technology in Sion, Switzerland, and soon in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. H55’s supply chain strategy includes diverse and trusted sources to mitigate supply chain and geopolitical risks.

As part of the company’s commitment to product excellence, all suppliers are regularly audited to ensure compliance with aviation standards. This is supplemented by an experienced internal H55 team authorized and capable of monitoring parts and product quality.

Direct, Secured, Fair & Ethical Procurement

Automated Battery Pack Assembly line

H55 production lines are designed to meet production requirements for quality, safety and reliability, as required by the certification authorities. The semi-automated production lines allow for cost and quality optimization, as well as offering flexibility for production volume and customer configuration.

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Wire Bonding

Laser surface cleaning to ensure wire bonding quality and reliability.

Wire bonding with automatic loading and unloading.

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Gluing Machine

Cell Loading into the module assemblies with robotic glue application.

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Part Marking

Laser marking of finished product with part identification for traceability.

Developing next-generation automated assembly line

H55 continuously strives for manufacturing improvements and is making investments in robotics, conveyer systems and automated production enabling the company to respond to increasing demands for our products and solutions.

Quality & Traceability Ensuring Safety

H55 masters safety through the steps of its operations and through the design of its technology and associated certification.