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Enabling the aviation industry to reach net zero

Developing certified electric propulsion systems for the aviation industry which are clean, quiet, safe and affordable

Our Legacy

H55 is the technological spin-off of Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse was the first electric airplane to have flown around the world, propelled only by solar energy.

A pioneering journey paving the way for sustainable aviation.

With 2 electric airplanes, Solar Impulse’s clean propulsion and battery technologies, successfully flew 46’000 km, in 550 flying hours, achieving 14 FAI world records including the longest solo-flight (André Borschberg). All with clean technologies.


H55 was created by the leadership team of Solar Impulse, bringing 20+ years of design, development, certification, and electric flight experience.


Design and Production Organization certified


H55’s first customer application, the B23 Energic unveiled for market delivery

Our Technology

Electric Propulsion System (EPS)

H55’s EPS is composed of the Energy Storage System (ESS) which includes battery packs, battery management systems, and all interfaces, as well as the Electric Power Unit (EPU) with a motor and a motor controller.

H55 EPS is the pulse of electric aviation and has already been integrated and flown within 4 different types of aircraft. Meeting all certification requirements, H55’s technology has demonstrated its efficiency and reliability in real flight conditions.

H55 global customers are comprised of OEMs, component manufacturers and operators. The modularity of the systems allows for integration in different types of aircraft configurations including fixed wing applications, for both existing and new designs (in the CS23 and CS25 certification categories), as well as for new aviation designs featuring high power distributed electric propulsion systems.

Our Technology
H55 global customers are comprised of OEMs, component manufacturers and operators.

Current Projects

Accelerating our ability in bringing certified aircraft to the market is realized through the modularity of H55 solutions, our recognized ability in customizing our technology in a cost and time efficient manner, and supporting customers on airplane integration and certification

The adaptability of H55 solutions fits well into multiple aircraft designs covering the transformation of existing airplanes through STC programs, electrifying new and existing designs for commuters, STOL and eVTOL aircrafts.