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Electric Propulsion Solutions by H55

The leading provider of certified Electric Propulsion Solutions and battery pack systems

The H55 Legacy

A Swiss-based company, H55 is the technological spin-off of Solar Impulse, the first electric airplane to fly around the world. With 20 years of experience and having built and flown 5 electric planes, the H55 team is able to provide solutions within the complex challenges of certification and aircraft integration.


Engineers from 25 nationalities across 3 production, design, research and development, and aircraft Integration centers in Switzerland, Canada and France


The modularity of H55’s solutions allow the company to respond to the market demand for 4 different types of applications, the transformation of existing airplanes, electrifying new and existing designs for commuters, sTOL and eVTOL


Electric Aircrafts Powered by H55 Technology, totaling more than 1600 Hours of Flight

Our History

Meet the Team

H55’s passionate and talented team is dedicated to changing the paradigms of air transportation. The company brings together managers, engineers and entrepreneurs, all like-minded professionals who understand how technological innovation can transform the future of aviation.

The Board Members

Our Experienced Management With a Proven Track Record

André Borschberg

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Martin Larose

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Sheehan

Managing Partner, Tippet Venture Partners

Aymeric Sallin

Founder and CEO, NanoDimension

The Leadership Team

Gregory Blatt

Co-Founder and Chief Sales Marketing Officer

Sebastien Demont

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Lawrence Blakeley

Chief Program Officer

Stéphane Fallot

Head of Finance

Emmanuelle Doux

Head of Human Resources

Centers of excellence in Switzerland, Canada and France

H55 is headquartered in the heart of the Swiss alps, in the city of Sion. Fully-owned subsidiaries have been set up in Montréal, Canada and Toulouse, France, to work closely with H55’s existing customer base and to respond to the increasing demand for its clean aviation applications in the North American and European markets.

An Idea Born in


H55 is proud of its Swiss heritage. Switzerland is a leading player in hydro-energy and its reputation for high value-add industries in the field of energy management technologies has and continues to be an important factor contributing to the growth of the company.

H55’s Swiss based activities include engineering, research and development, manufacturing, aircraft integration and customer support.

Through Switzerland’s federal engineering schools, ranked as some of the highest educational institutions in Europe, H55 actively collaborates across several research and development projects with the country’s best engineering and scientific minds. Through the support of the Canton of Valais and the City of Sion, the company also benefits from a state-of-the-art airport facilities where its technology is integrated, and flight tested.

Our facility in

Longueuil, Montréal - Canada

As part of its international expansion plans, and in particular being able to respond to the company’s growing North American customer base, H55 has established a fully owned subsidiary in Canada, H55 Inc. Located in the greater Montreal area, H55 Inc collaborates with existing customers for development, customisation, and after sales support. A manufacturing facility will see battery pack production beginning in 2024.

Being present in a major global aerospace cluster offers many opportunities for H55 to collaborate with companies and research institutions that are part of a vibrant aviation ecosystem and who are all committed, as with H55, in demonstrating the advantages of adopting efficient and cost-effective sustainable technologies.


Toulouse - France

Located in the heart of one of Europe’s leading aviation hubs, and in close proximity to H55’s growing customer base, the Toulouse subsidiary office will serve as an important strategic base for H55’s operations. The new office includes development, testing, aircraft integration, and customer support functions. H55 France will allow H55 to strengthen its relationships with key partners, industry stakeholders, and customers both in France and across Europe, as well as serve as a key recruitment center to draw on the highly experienced local aerospace talent pool.