Certified Electric Propulsion Systems

A solution oriented approach: working closely with customers in defining system architecture and solving airplane integration and certification challenges

Electric Propulsion System - EPS

The EPS offering includes an Energy Storage System, Electric Propulsion Unit, Power Management and all related components and interfaces.

H55’s first certified EPS product, a Type Certificate (TC) suitable for CS-23 Level 1 aircraft, can be adapted to many different types of airplane configurations.

H55 will soon introduce an EPS 200kW, as well as higher power application suitable for CS-25 application.


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Energy Storage System - ESS

H55’s core expertise lies with its Electric Storage System (ESS) which includes battery packs, battery management systems, and all interfaces with the EPS and aircraft systems.

The modular, lightweight, and certifiable ESS can be adjusted according to customer requirements including voltage level, total energy, power, and volume.

H55 ESS product range depending on customer requirements.

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Electric Propulsion Unit - EPU

The EPU includes the electric motor and the motor controller, inverter, and power electronics, all proven with no single point of failure.

H55 modular solutions are designed to fit multiple applications for different types of aircraft

H55 works on transforming existing airplanes through STC programs, and developing propulsion and battery solutions for new fixed-wing, STOL and eVTOL designs.

H55 global customers includes OEMs, component manufacturers and operators

Current Projects

The modularity of our solutions allows for integration in different types of aircraft configurations including general and regional aviation applications, for both existing and new designs as well as VTOLs featuring high-power distributed electric propulsion systems.

Our tailored and customizable technology combined with our support on airplane integration and certification ensures cost and time to market efficiencies for our customers.

Certification and Integration

Along side of certifying its EPS with EASA in Europe, H55 is working closely with certification authorities in the USA (FAA) and Canada (Transport Canada) in defining the certification basis for its propulsion and battery solutions.

Our technology is under constant improvement. See how we see its evolution.

Product Roadmap

H55 EPS and EPU Power input will be increasing depending on customer application. We foresee a second certified version of 200kW.

H55 ESS product will improve in energy density following improvements in both cylindrical and pouch cell technologies. Power focus ESS is also available with more complex cooling system.