Harbour Air, magniX and H55 Partner for The World’s First Certified All Electric Commercial Airplane

Vancouver,B.C., Everett, WA, and Sion, Switzerland – April 20, 2021– Harbour Air, North America’s largest seaplane airline; magniX the company powering the electric aviation revolution; and H55, the spinoff from Solar Impulse, producing highly efficient certified battery packs, announced a partnership to certify the world’s first electric Beaver (eBeaver) commuter airplane through a supplemental type certificate (STC) program.


The companies will collaborate together with Transport Canada to certifythe installation of the magniX electric propulsion unit and the H55enhanced battery system, transforming Harbour Air’s seaplanes into an all-electric commercial fleet.


After the successful first flight of the Harbour Air eBeaver powered by magniX in December 2019 and the ongoing flight tests since then, the companies have teamed up with H55 to bring their shared vision of clean, efficient and quiet commercial aviation to life by 2022. H55will provide its proven modular battery technology to expand the eBeaver’s balance to weight ratio and endurance. The company’s battery modules have one of the highest energy densities on the market and will provide the entire energy storage system and redundant battery monitoring at the cell level for the eBeaver.


André Borschberg, H55 Executive Chairman, commenting on the partnership,“we have been attracted by Harbour Air and magniX’s vision,pioneering spirit and commitment to make aviation clean. Thecollaboration will leverage our synergies and complementarities. Weall understand that the path to electric aviation is complicated. Butat the same time by joining forces, our combined experience will lead to quicker certification. And this in turn will offer a fast and safeway to reach the market and popularize electric aviation.”


“I believe that H55 is the leading company in aviation battery solutions,” says Greg McDougall, CEO of Harbour Air. “Having themas partners in the ePlane development means that we will be able tolead the global push for electric aviation.”


“This partnership is another step forward in our vision of making emission free, all- electric aircraft a reality,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEOof magniX. “With Harbour Air leading the way to become an all-electric airline, H55’s battery technology and magniX’sflight-proven propulsion, we are looking at an electrifying future.”


Since the first flight in 2019, the eBeaver has performed additional flighttests to measure and collect data on cruise performance and take-off thrust efficiency, electro-magnetic interference

(EMI),battery management software logic, noise levels, and more. magniX, Harbour Air and H55 will work on design optimization for the electric propulsion unit (EPU), energy storage system (ESS) and related aircraft systems based on ongoing flight testing.


About Harbour Air


Founded in 1982 with two small seaplanes, Harbour Air is North America’s largest seaplane airline—and the first to be fully carbon-neutral. The company’international seaplane service, which originally began as a service for the forestry industry in B.C., is now a quintessential west coast experience. With a showcase fleet of more than 40 aircraft, HarbourAir offers up to 300 daily scheduled flights, scenic tours, adventure packages, and private flights. With extensive scheduled flight service connecting downtown Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle (WA),Nanaimo, Tofino, Whistler, Richmond (YVR South), Sechelt, Salt Spring Island, Pitt Meadows, Maple Bay and Comox. For more information,visitwww.harbourair.com.


About magniX


Headquarter edin Everett, WA with engineering facilities in Redmond and in Australia, magniX offers revolutionary electric propulsion systems for aircraft to meet electrical generation and torque requirements for sustainable commercial aerospace and defense. Using proprietary technology, magniX offers a range of solutions for various aviation applications including fixed wing, rotorcraft, and VTOL. For more information, please visit:www.magnix.aero.


About H55


H55’s mission is to make air transport, quiet, clean and affordable. Thecompany’s patented and certified electric propulsion and battery management technology serves client-based solutions around electric propulsion for both existing aircraft designs, future VTOL ande-Commuter concepts. The core of H55’s proprietary technology is focused on an integrated power, propulsion and battery managementsystem which includes battery packs, connectors, motor, motorcontroller, pilot interface and power controls. H55’s expertise is around aviation certified modular battery storage and battery management systems, with the company’s solutions having already been demonstrated with its first customer application, the BristellEnergic. For more information, please visitwww.h55.ch.


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